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Carpet Cleaning in London Whenever You Need It

Carpet and Rug Cleaning


Get your office carpet cleaning in London done at the weekend so your business isn’t inconvenienced. Call us after a spill at home and you’ll get the soonest possible appointment. As a well resourced, local company we may be able to send a technician to you on the same day you called. Trust us with routine carpet maintenance and we’ll keep your rug’s colours bright and fabrics in great condition.

When you need your rug cleaning in London in a rush, give Friendly Maids a call right now on 02037465093 for an immediate free quote. Or, use our chat service to find out about prices. Alternatively, when you’d prefer we call you, use our contact form to leave your details and we’ll get back to you.

Carpet Cleaners Who Take a Systematic Approach

  • All floor coverings are assessed before any work starts
  • The correct cleaning method and detergent combination for your piece is selected
  • The cleaning products used are eco-friendly and non-toxic, yet formulated to tackle the toughest dirt
  • Stains and heavy traffic areas are pre-treated to give the most even final result
  • Top of the range equipment ensures great carpet care, effective rinsing and faster drying
  • Your work represents great value for money and we even offer¬†weekend and bank holiday services

Get even better value from your service by combining it with something else you need done in your home. Ask about the discounts that may be available when you book carpet cleaning alongside spring cleaning or as a regular domestic cleaning customer.

Friendly Maids Security

We provide professional regular cleaning services! Our maids are vetted, trained and always follow your check-list.

Friendly Maids Convenience

Friendly Maids Customer Care team is available 24/7. Bookings are available by phone and online. If you need help ASAP-same day services are often an option.

Friendly Maids Quality

Your recurring cleaning need are tackled by professional maids. We can even provide you with 100% quality guarantee for 72 hours !

How Our Cleaning Maids Do It All

When your cleaning maids arrive they’ll inspect your floor coverings, testing them if necessary to determine if a dry cleaning method or hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is most suitable for your needs.

Steam Carpet Cleaning: Offers the most effective stain removal, when your rug is water-washable this is likely to be the method recommended.

Dry Carpet Cleaning: Delicate or non-colour fast rugs are effectively cleansed and refreshed using non-water based solvents or dry powders. Dry-cleansing is also ideal when you want to refresh a floor covering without having to wait for the piece to dry, making it a popular choice for regular carpet maintenance in busy offices or other commercial premises.

In all cases treatments start with vacuum cleaning which opens up the pile and removes loose debris. This is followed with pre-cleaning and spot treatment of stained areas before the whole carpet is cleansed. In the case of steam cleaning, up to 90% of the water used is removed at the end of the process. Once the main clean is complete there are a couple of other things you might like to consider:

Carpet Stain Protection: Scotchgard may be applied to safeguard the piece against future spillages

Air Movers: These will speed drying after hot water extraction cleansing, ask about having them brought along when you need the use your room as quickly as possible.

Carpet Cleaning Maids in London that Know How To Clean a Rug

Your technicians are subject to a rigorous selection process before being accepted into the team. This includes reference checking, CRB clearance and personal interview. Your cleaners are trained and certified in the use of the products and equipment, used to provide your service. Their work is covered by comprehensive insurance, so you would receive a stress free service all the way.

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