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Deep Cleaning by Friendly Maids London - When Only the Best Will Do

Deep Cleaning Maids London


When you need the highest possible standards of cleanliness, deep cleaning in London is the way to go. This is the service where your cleaners get down and dirty to leave you with a home that looks clean, smells clean and is truly hygienic. Relax and know, that even the places you can’t see have received expert attention. This is a great choice before the baby arrives, to prepare your property for the market or to get your new place up to your cleaning standards.

Get a free quote for professional cleaning in London by calling Friendly Maids 24/7 on 02037465093. Alternatively, use our chat facility for an instant online quote, or request a call or email by using our contact form to leave your details and tell us a little about the work you have in mind.

A Flexible Service You Adapt To Your Needs

  • Request cleaning for one or two rooms, or for your whole home
  • Decide if you need two or more cleaners to lift and shift heavy items safely or if a single cleaner will be able to complete the job
  • Ask our customer service advisers to help you draw up a checklist for the exact work you’d like done
  • Book deep cleaners in London by the hour, so there’s enough time to complete your work and no time wasted
  • Get your work done any day of the week, including weekends
  • When the work is urgent ask if same day service is available

Use this as a one-off service to check out the standards you should expect when you’re considering regular domestic cleaning by or maids. You’ll find our base rates to be very sensible and affordable, combine general house cleaning with a specialist service such as carpet cleaning and you may be offered a discounted rate.

Friendly Maids Security

We provide professional regular cleaning services! Our maids are vetted, trained and always follow your check-list.

Friendly Maids Convenience

Friendly Maids Customer Care team is available 24/7. Bookings are available by phone and online. If you need help ASAP-same day services are often an option.

Friendly Maids Quality

Your recurring cleaning need are tackled by professional maids. We can even provide you with 100% quality guarantee for 72 hours !

What Deep Cleaning in London Covers

Exactly what work you get your cleaners to focus on is largely up to you, any chores that can be completed using standard cleaning products can be included. When you book two or more cleaners, for a small extra charge they’ll even bring along a range of eco-friendly detergents to complete your work.

Some of the jobs typically requested include:

Kitchen Cleaning: Cleaning inside and outside of all appliances, scrubbing down work surfaces and drawer or cupboard frontages, cleaning and de-scaling taps, sinks and basins.

Bathroom Cleaning: Deep cleaning baths, showers and basins, disinfecting the toilet, polishing accessories, removing limescale.

Throughout your home: Dusting, vacuum cleaning or mopping floors, cleaning internal windows and sills, removing finger marks from doors, furniture and switches, removing scuff marks from skirting boards, polishing furniture.

When there’s other work you’d like included, just tell us when you call. We’re very flexible, so providing the work you’re requesting can be completed safely and to a good standard with the equipment and products available, just about anything may be included in your list.

Who'll Be Coming To Your Home

Your Friendly Maids in London will be reference vetted individuals, trained and experienced in all aspects of cleaning work. They’ll arrive on time, in uniform and they’ll be carrying ID, so you know exactly who you’re letting through your front door. Expect your cleaner to focus on your stated priorities, to work hard throughout your session and to get as much as possible done in the time you’ve booked.

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